Friday, July 31, 2015

FaceTime calls via URL

This is another one with a very narrow audience (welcome Googlers!) -- To do FaceTime calls using your iPhone from the command line or from a script (on the Mac), use this URL: tel:%28<number> e.g. tel:%285555555555 At the command line, you can do it with: open 'tel:%285555555555' From AppleScript, you can actually tell FaceTime to initiate the call:
  open location "tel:%285555555555"
  delay 2
  tell application "System Events" to click button "Call" of window 1 of application process "FaceTime"
For everyone else, if you have calling from your Mac set up, just for fun, go to the Safari address bar and type "tel:%28" (no quotes) (UPDATE:  I was missing the ":") and then a phone number. It should bring up FaceTime and offer to call the number. Enjoy!

Does anyone read this thing?

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