Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone first impressions

I probably won't buy one for a long time, but since yesterday was its debut I had to go at least play with one at the AT&T store near my house:

Here are my first impressions:
  • smaller and lighter than I expected
  • lots of fingerprints on the demo, finger grease all over the screen -- I wiped it on my pants though and then it looked fine
  • finger gestures become second nature really fast, and the single button "take me back to the main menu now" is surprisingly comforting to have
  • others have mentioned this, but it's nice that when you reach the end of a list of things, if you continue dragging the stuff moves, but then bounces back -- "Yes, you can go that way, but there's nothing to see there..."
  • very easy to get to everything, iPod music and video, phone calls, photos, internet, maps (which zoom in and out with the pinch gesture, very cool!)
  • feels very un-complicated, which made me feel like "Is that it?" -- but after doing all those different things so easily (and without a manual!) that's a very good thing
How does it handle scratches and drops? PC World shows us (ignore the Windows Vista commercial that plays first =).

I'm impressed.

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