Friday, July 27, 2007

LDS CIO has a Mac!

When it comes to LDS software in the past, Macs have been pretty much ignored. PAF was available on the Mac years ago (OS 7-9), but fell into disrepair and is unusable on new Macs. All the audio and video was Windows Media which was a huge headache (until Flip4Mac came out, anyway). And I believe at least some of the websites required IE 6 to look right.

Recently however things have started to turn around, and it looks like I may have found the reason. Check out #6 -- that's the CIO of the church mentioning in passing that he has at least one Mac at home. In fact, it looks like that may be their primary machine at home, at least for the kids, since trying "the Vista thing" was farther down on his list than writing that post!

There may yet be hope for us LDS Mac users.

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