Thursday, July 3, 2008

Go Alabama!

Looks like Alabama's landed herself right in the heart of obese America!

I wonder how they calculate these statistics -- do they have hidden scales under the Wal-Mart entrance and just weigh everyone as they come and go? Or something more scientific like assuming conservation of mass and weighing all the incoming and outgoing traffic from the state? Or perhaps monitoring the earth's rotational eccentricity to back-calculate the contribution of each state's mass changes over time? You know, like what happens to a spun basketball if you stick a giant wad of gum on one side. =)

Of course those methods are all perfectly feasible, but I bet they're just doing phone surveys. And assuming that, how do they know that what they have isn't just a map of where people happen to lie more often to phone surveyors?*

I bet a phone survey of prison inmates would reveal some shocking statistics on the number of innocent people falsely imprisoned by our justice system too. =)

Go Alabama!

* We love you, Colorado Parmelees! =)

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