Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amazing bicycle skills

This guy's incredible:

FYI, his name is Danny MacAskill. He's 23, and has been riding for 12 years. Given this video, I would be very sad but not at all surprised to one day hear he'd been killed doing this stuff.

Until that happens, though, I suppose I'll just sit here and be amazed. Don't miss the part starting at about 3 minutes in. Wow.


Robin said...

Ok, so our family has watched this no less than 27 times. Our 23 mth old son who doesn't care a thing about TV asks to watch it over and over. Lately he's been putting his little push toy bikes on the tables and counters. We just now made the connection...

bryan said...

That's great -- starting this early, he'll be riding the tops of chain link fences by age 12. =)

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