Sunday, August 8, 2010

'98 Ford F-150 loose gear shift and gear indicator

The gear shifter in my truck was a mess. The whole mechanism was sloppy, and it was almost impossible to get it to go into the right gear without overshooting the one I wanted. And the indicator was always pointing half a gear to the right.


What gear is that? I was sure it'd be very expensive to fix.

But while I was in checking out the ignition switch problem I decided to see what I could do about this shifting problem.

Looking under the dash, here's what I saw:


Not the best picture, but see the brass-colored plate with the pin and two torx screws? Those two screws were horribly loose, by at least 1/2"! I tightened them back up, and the shifting now as tight as it was the day I bought it.


And the gear shift indicator? Check out what else I saw under the dash:


Turning that wheel adjusts the position of the gear shift indicator, left or right. A half-turn later and the indicator is in the perfect spot.

More success!

Total cost to me: $0, plus a few minutes finding a torx wrench, and several months of irritation not knowing the fix would be this easy.

Not everything is this easy to fix, but some things certainly are. Hope someone finds this useful someday.


Donnie said...

OMFG, someone out of the thousands that fixed this actually took the time to post pictures.


Kevin Duffy said...

I just used this info to fix the gear shifter in my 98 F150 - 153,000 miles, and like new again. THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like good information. I have been reading several posts regarding this situation. You have done an excellent job of documenting the process of repair.
I am going to give it a try.
Thanks, Kevin. Denver, Colorado.

Cliff Gipson said...

Thanks for your post. I figured I would have to spend a weekend tearing apart my dash and climbing under my truck trying to repair my loose shifter which had been driving me nuts and getting worse for three weeks or so. I read your post and fixed my shifter in a parking lot waiting for my daughter to get off work. Thanks again

Sid Connor said...

Hey Bryan.. will you come fix mine!!!???

bryan said...

Sure, I'll be right there. ;)

Does anyone read this thing?

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