Monday, May 21, 2007

The mundane

Ever seen the acronym "WWJD"? It stands for "What would Jesus do?". I often ask myself that question when difficult problems arise -- and usually the answer is not immediately obvious. For example, someone who is obviously homeless asks you for money for beer or "smokes" -- what exactly would Jesus do in that case?

Knowing the right thing to do can be tricky. I think I figured out one special case this week that I didn't want to forget:

Suppose God came down and told everyone in the world they needed to do some really boring and pointless task a thousand times. What do you think an apostle such as Elder Eyring or Elder Oaks would do? Get a really determined look on his face, and doggedly start into it? Or maybe consider it a painful sacrifice and fully suffer through all the iterations?

I think I know -- none of the above! He'd turn it into a game, and make it the most fun thing around -- so fun that other people would want to join in just to be part of it. Pretty soon everyone would be hanging around, singing and telling jokes, trying different techniques or challenging themselves to do the best job they could. And they'd be sad when it was over.*

Enduring to the end is not about white knuckles or dogged determination so much. It's about finding ways to enjoy the journey, and help others to honestly feel the same. These people are never really sad, and to me that just seems like a great way to live.

* Sounds a little like our dry packing service projects at the cannery...

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