Monday, December 31, 2007

Spanish diacritics on the Mac

Writing something in Spanish on your Mac? Diacritics are pretty easy:
  • accent (á, é, í, Á, É, etc.): option-e, then the letter
  • tilde (ñ, Ñ): option-n, then the letter
  • upside-down question mark (¿): option-? (which is option-shift-/)
  • upside-down exclamation point (¡): option-1
  • weird quotation marks (guillemets, actually -- «, »): option-\ and option-|
Wanna see the other cool characters you can type? Go to Apple menu->System Preferences->International->Input menu, then turn on the Character Palette and Keyboard Viewer options, then click "Show input menu in menu bar". Now in your menu bar off to the right you should see a US flag -- open that menu and select the keyboard viewer, and push on the option key to see what character you'd get if you pressed option before hitting a particular key.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help. :) I just switched over from Windows to a Mac and was worried that, maybe, Macs didn't have shortcuts for Spanish diacritics. How silly of me!

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