Monday, December 31, 2007

AppleTV underrated

For those who haven't heard, AppleTV is a device that connects to your TV, and syncs up with your iTunes to deliver whatever cool stuff is on your computer on into your living room. Given the rate at which my little girls seem to destroy DVDs, we decided that HandBrake combined with an AppleTV was our best bet at remedying that problem.

So far, however, the reviews have been pretty bad for the poor device, most of them claiming that the AppleTV doesn't do what they want it to, i.e. replace their Tivo or their DVD player. Well it doesn't do either of those things really. But if you know what you're getting when you get it, it's actually a really nice unit. The image quality on my Bravia 40" is terrific, and we can watch ripped movies, listen to all our music, show iPhoto slideshows, and watch movie trailers and YouTube videos easily. Its profile is classy and unobtrusive. I've been far more impressed by that unit than I have by HD cable...

I should mention at this point that my opinion of something is usually measured by the difference between what I got and what I expected. I got a lot more than I expected out of the AppleTV, but now that you've read this, if you buy one you might not. =)

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