Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First forays into "Art"

A common thing to hear out of Regan these days goes something like this: "If I clean up the kitchen table, can I earn some money?" I'm still trying to decide how I feel about this -- I'm glad she wants to work... but why is she so concerned about money at 5 years old?

It's probably because we always tell her she can't have things because we don't have money for them. Come to think of it, she's doing exactly what I think a little kid *should* do if they wanted something. It's starting to make sense...

Anyway, I want her to work for her money, but I don't want to pay her for chores around the house -- that's part of being a citizen of the house. But I don't want her out interacting with the public selling things or services door to door either (which she has offered to do, by the way) -- too many unknowns. So what's left?

About a month back it came to me -- she loves to draw, so why not sell her art on eBay? She's not Picasso's-younger-sister yet, but she's not trying to make thousands of dollars either. She'll get to improve her skills, all the business goes through me, and if some mysterious unknown bidder picks up her latest piece for a few dollars she'll be thrilled, her skills will improve, and she'll have a good experience with it. Oh, and if a friend or family member happens to take interest in one, even better.

Experience has taught me that my favorite ideas are often those that don't work in practice. But I sure hope this one does.

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