Friday, February 29, 2008


I can't stand crass comedians, they remind me of zoo monkeys flinging "stuff" at the onlookers. Despite the fact that everybody's laughing, they're still nervously shifting in their seats...

Anyway, Seinfeld is a favorite, as his "crass-quotient" -- the ratio of crass jokes to non-crass jokes -- is quite low. Kyla and I went to see him in Tucson, and those were some of the best $60 tickets I ever bought. I think only one or two jokes out of probably 150 were crass. 1% is amazing these days. We loved it...

Bob Newhart, on the other hand, I think is essentially a 0%. I've never heard anything crass out of him -- but he's not funny at all. I know when I'm supposed to laugh, it's just too much effort.

Now that we have cable, however, a new favorite is arising:

Stephen's probably 4-5%, but still impressive for these days. And, he's hilarious, my biggest risk for a hernia these days. Clap, clap, point, point. =)

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Jacie said...

I'm addicted to Colbert now:) What's the name of that photo site you were telling me about?

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