Sunday, February 3, 2008

Junk mail rebellion

I just realized how much junk mail solicitations I get. Seems like every day someone like the "National Information Center" wants me to buy insurance for my mortgage or get a new credit card or to contribute to Bill Gates' retirement fund.

So I figured out how to get back at those irritating companies. See, each solicitation comes with a "No postage necessary..." envelope that I'm supposed to put my application in to mail back. But I don't. I shred the application, then seal up the blank envelope and throw it back in the mail, no application or writing on it.

Why? So they have to pay return postage! If everybody did that, their mail costs would double, and their processing costs would go way up too for having to open them all. Take that, "National Information Center"!

I'm sure someone will say -- "Hey, why don't you start squeezing 6 oz worth of discarded butter stick wrappers and used toothpicks in there? Their mailing costs will be huge!" Good idea, but I'm not that mean, and I don't have that many discarded butter stick wrappers.


Jacie said...

I love it!

Shelly said...

Have you done the opt-out option with the credit card companies? That greatly reduced my junk mail and now all I get is those stupid access checks from the credit cards I have (I suppose I should call them and tell them to stop).

Does anyone read this thing?

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