Saturday, August 16, 2008

8 for 8

Anybody not catch Phelps' last race? Amazing performance.*

Interestingly, wikipedia updates faster than pretty much any news site -- so for the scoop, try there first.

It's also amazing to me that I just watched the race 10 minutes ago, and yet I already can't remember who the 2nd place swimmers were. Fractions of a second behind our racers, stunning performers, yet I already forgot even which country they're from.

Or as Jerry Seinfeld says of the medal winners, "Gold --- Silver. Greatest guy in the world --- Never heard of him."
* Did you catch the cool 3-d presentation on Michael's genetics that NBC was showing? In truth, Michael's a genetic anomaly when compared to average people -- his torso and arms are too long for his height, and his legs are too short, he's double jointed all over (including his ankles), and he wears size 14 shoes. I wonder how many hundredths of seconds advantage he gets from those things?

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