Friday, September 12, 2008

"My life didn't smell like this before"

There aren't many things that make me laugh out loud every time I hear them, but this is one of them:

from Morning Sentinel
In July [2007], a tractor-trailer overturned on Walker Road in Norridgewock, Maine, and its contents of nitrogen-concentrated chicken manure spilled onto rusted cars and the rest of the property of junk dealer Richard White.

Days later, "There's stuff still 20 feet up the tree," he said. "It was like a tsunami wave of hot chicken [manure]," he told the Waterville Morning Sentinel. White grumbled that the truck company was slow on the cleanup, probably, he said, because his property is largely junk. "They think I'm a hick and don't matter.

But my life didn't smell like this before." "I hate flies."
Maybe I'm still a 7th grader at heart, but I just can't imagine a "tsunami wave" of hot chicken manure washing over a yard-full of junk without laughing.

"There's stuff still 20 feet up the tree"!
Original is here and full story here. Shelly, it's only 2 and a half hours drive from Bar Harbor, that'd be a fun road-trip! You gotta get a picture with this guy. =)

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