Sunday, October 26, 2008

The music upstairs...

Yesterday I was putting up a ceiling fan upstairs, and Kyla and the kids were listening to music downstairs. Reminded me of my time in college when I lived in a ground-level apartment beneath another apartment. When those neighbors would crank up the music it was overbearing, and it sounded terrible!

It could be that the music they were playing really was terrible; more likely, though, it was just a result of the fact that music doesn't travel well through walls -- you only get some of the frequencies, so there's a lot of "thump" and very little "twing".

I was reminded of the fact that everybody already knows: beautiful music can sound terrible when there is "stuff" between the listener and the source.

I then realized that the gospel of Jesus Christ, as played within the wall of church and our homes, really is a beautiful symphony -- but to those who happen by on the outside, it doesn't always sound that great. They might even wonder how anyone could stand to listen to that racket.

But as many can attest, it sounds much better inside.

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