Sunday, September 6, 2009

President's address to the kids?

There's a lot of uproar around here about President Obama's upcoming televised speech to the kids in schools.

What do you think? Should parents keep their kids home that day?


Betsy said...

No, the President is the leader of our country and we should show respect to him even if our politics are different. Children should learn to have that respect also.

Watson Family said...

I completely agree with Betsy.

The Great Scott said...

Respect for the office and respect for what the man has to say are completely different things. In this case I'm worried about what he has to say, and that transcends his office when it comes to my children. As I look over the last 9 months of his presidency, I cannot point to a single thing that he has done that I agree with. I could tolerate that if it were simple annoyances stemming from my differing political views, but public funding for abortions in foreign countries, slashing the defense budget, spending money that my grandchildren haven't earned yet. Those are but a few of the problems I have with him, and I don't consider them only annoyances. I don't know what he said to the kids, mine weren't listening, and I don't really care. In my eyes, his opportunity to impress me has long passed. All I can hope for now is that his damage to the country can be minimized until 2012.

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