Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear Google

Today I realized how much I use Google Docs, and started to get scared. Your servers might crash, or corrupt my documents, or you might shut down your service. So I decided to download copies of all my documents off of Google Docs so I'll at least have something should that day come.

So I went to, and clicked the box above my list of documents, then I looked for something like a "Download" option. I quickly found it under the "More" menu, and immediately it offered to convert all of my documents to the new Office format, and .zip them all up and download them to my computer. It also gave me the option of converting them to PDF files.

The .zip file is 3 MB, and contains 88 files. The ones I opened look fine. Suddenly I love Google Docs way more than ever before. Flexibility of formats? No lock in? Ease of use? You are amazing.

Thank you for a terrific service. I hope the relatively few times I click on your ads is somehow worth all the value you give to me.

Warmest regards,


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