Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mystery of the unknown songs is solved!

Okay, none of you are going to remember this, but in the interest of closure --

Many years ago I asked on a blog post to help me identify 7 songs that I got in 1995 in Portoviejo, Ecuador, on a copy of a tape from E. Nielsen, who got it from E. Brinegar. Nobody knew where the songs came from (and I'm pretty sure nobody cared). A couple are elevator music, the others are cheesy new age songs. But they bring back a lot of memories so I wanted to find and own them.

Well, the first few were identified a few years ago, but the remaining 4 were a mystery until today. The latest version of Shazam (iOS app) on my iPhone picked the correct album in < 5 seconds. Previous versions hadn't worked, so something recently has changed. Hooray!

If you're interested:

BeforeSong TitleAlbum (click to view in iTunes)
Unknown_1Through the Wall
Enchantment - Chris Spheeris and Paul Voudouris - 1991
Unknown_2Pura Vida
Unknown_3Golden Days
Inside the Sky - Steve Haun - 1988
Unknown_5Beginning Again
Unknown_6Can't Look Back
Unknown_7Inside the Sky


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