Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marriage defined?

A few questions on this whole thing:
  • Many claim that homosexuality is genetic, which would imply that it's hereditary. Really?*

  • So marrying any other person should be okay? How about one's brother? or daughter or son? Move the line, but only exactly this far...

  • Suppose a church said, "We will not perform nor honor marriages between hispanic people." What kinds of legal challenges might come to such a church?

  • The LDS church supports almost everything that same-sex couples are wanting. (Search for "hospital" on this page from lds.org.) What do these couples want that they don't already have? Marriage certificates?

  • Protesters are vandalizing church property (writing on walls, damaging fences, etc.), harassing members, and in some cases attacking them. Do these protesters know how those church members voted on Prop. 8? That kind of behavior doesn't sound like something those kinds of people would tolerate in other circumstances.

* I wonder what the strict-evolutionists think of this idea.

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